How do you start exercising when you don’t have time for the gym?

I’m sure you’re aware that regular exercise is fundamental to keeping the whole body in good shape and also helps to maintain a slim figure. The problem is that many of us have absolutely no time to go to the gym, run or cycle. Fortunately, you can start exercising at home, and even a 20-30 minute workout carried out 3 times a week will bring good results. We have some tips for you.

Start with the basics

You don’t need to fund some fancy, highly advanced workout to look after your body and health. You don’t need any equipment either. All you need to get started is what you already have on hand, which is, above all… your own floor, e.g. in your bedroom. You can do squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, the so-called plank – these are simple, underrated but really very effective exercises.

Look for free online workouts

In the next step, once you feel that your fitness has improved somewhat, you can move on to the phase of carrying out full workouts. You will find an abundance of such materials on the internet, provided completely free of charge. Choose a workout that you will be able to complete without getting tired and hurting your whole body the next morning.

Exercise with your children!

If you claim today that you don’t have time to train because you have to look after the kids, know that this is just a cheap excuse. After all, there’s nothing stopping you from training together with your little ones, for whom it will be fun. Let them accompany you through the various exercises – you can also motivate each other and get into the habit of physical activity at home.

Take every opportunity to get some exercise

There are plenty of such opportunities throughout the day. See: if you work in an office building on the fourth floor, just walk up the stairs instead of using the lift. Park your car as far away from the entrance as possible. When going shopping, try lifting nets in a way that engages your arm muscles and simulates exercising with dumbbells. It really isn’t difficult – you just have to want to.

Make changes to your daily schedule

Perhaps your current daily schedule is not optimal, which means you actually miss out on exercise. So make some simple changes. For example, you could get up 15 minutes earlier and do a morning run. Or you could give up watching TV 2-3 times a week in the evening in favour of a full-body workout.