How to get rid of an old smartphone?

Each of us sooner or later faces such a dilemma. An old smartphone that no longer meets our expectations should be handed in for disposal. However, many people do not know how to go about this and make the cardinal mistake of simply throwing the useless phone in the rubbish. Never do this, because by doing so you would be contributing to the littering of our planet. Check out better ways to get rid of your old smartphone.

Visit the showroom of any operator

An old, broken smartphone that you can no longer sell (or don’t have the time to do so) is most conveniently handed in at a mobile phone provider’s stationary showroom. This can be a showroom of any network – there is usually a special container at the entrance where you can drop your used small electronic equipment, including smartphone, tablet or charger.

Give back when buying a new device

Already have your eye on a new smartphone model? When you buy it online, e.g. from an online retailer, you can immediately select the option to donate your e-waste. This service is free of charge. Simply return the old phone to the courier.

If you decide to buy it in a shop in a stationary shop, you can hand your old phone over to the salesperson at the checkout – the smartphone will be handed over to a specialist company for disposal.

Also remember to keep your data safe before handing over your phone for disposal. Be sure to delete your memory card, erase any photos and videos stored on your phone and restore it to factory settings. Also, don’t forget to change the passwords for the services you have used on your smartphone.