How to strengthen your child’s immunity in the pre-school period?

Sending a child to kindergarten is a great relief for many parents but at the same time a considerable problem. The majority of children attending such facilities immediately start to fall ill. Viral and bacterial infections become the norm, which disrupts parents’ working lives. Therefore, it is good to know how you can strengthen your child’s immunity in the pre-school period. You will find some tips in our guide.

Lower the temperature in your home

Yes, we know that many parents deliberately turn up the heat for the sake of their children. Paradoxically, however, this does more harm than good. In high temperatures, the immune system gets lazy and, as a result, the child may catch infections more often. A healthy temperature in the home during winter should not exceed 21-21.5 degrees Celsius.

Dress in layers

This rule applies above all to dressing your child for kindergarten. Overzealousness, unfortunately, is bound to end in frequent illnesses of your child. A child who overheats in kindergarten is much more likely to catch various infections. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the principle of dressing in layers and to ask the nursery ladies to take off the child’s warm jumper or tracksuit when it becomes too hot in the room.

Daily walks

Walking should be an elementary part of the day, whatever the weather. In Scandinavia, children walk every day, in rain, gale force winds, snowfall – precisely to strengthen their immunity. There is no reason to give this up in Polish climatic conditions.


Good old-fashioned hardening is still one of the best ways to boost a child’s immunity. This can be done by, for example, pouring cold water over the child’s feet first and then warm water every evening (or vice versa). In addition, we try to delay the moment of putting winter clothes on the child as much as possible if the temperature is still in the high plus range.

Changing the diet

This is one of the most important pieces of advice. Strengthening a child’s immunity requires supplementing his or her diet with natural sources of vitamins, primarily fruit and vegetables. As part of supplementation, it is only worth giving your child a pharmaceutical with vitamin D. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to limit sugar in the child’s diet.